Welcome to St. Catherine of Alexandria!

Dear Families of St. Catherine’s,

It has been wonderful to see our church opened back up and it was beautiful to celebrate the Lord’s glorious Resurrection with you. We continue in our Easter journey toward Pentecost in which the fire of the Holy Spirit is to dwell in each and everyone of us as disciples of Christ. 

Part of keeping that flame going is weekly Mass attendance. We have been asked by Cardinal Cupich to see how our attendance is trending during the weekend of May 21-22. St. Paul reminded Timothy “to fan into flame the gift of God…” (2 Tim. 1:6). Part of fanning this flame is to frequent the Eucharist and inviting Jesus into our hearts, homes and families each and every week. 

All of us have been devastated by the acts of violence in our country, two painful years of a pandemic and rising inflationary economic situations which have afflicted us in some way. What better way to obtain peace in this world than to have a relationship with the Prince of Peace? This peace can be yours by dining at the Table of the Lord each and every week and inviting the Prince of Peace to sit at the table of our hearts.

I invite you to Mass this weekend. Our Mass schedule makes it most conducive for even busy families and those with jobs that may cause them to work on Sunday mornings. Our Mass schedule is as follows: Saturday at 4:00pm, Sunday 8:00am with no music, 9:30am, 11:30am and 6:00pm. We invite you to experience the love, joy and peace that Christ has for you. He’s waiting for you to sit at His table with Him. Will you join Him?

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Dennis


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Mass Cards:
Please call the Rectory office at 708.425.2850

Mass cards will be mailed to your home or the home of the family you are requesting the Mass for.

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